Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton CA

CALIFORNIA - Located near the Redwoods near the outskirts of Santa Cruz, California, the Bigfoot Discovery Museum is an ideal stop for anyone who wants to learn more about Bigfoot.  It's a small two-room museum that offers memorabilia, educational displays, and evidence for the elusive creature.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton CA


The museum is staffed by a friendly man eager to answer questions and talk about local Bigfoot sightings.  Visitors can view a life-size diorama of Bigfoot in its natural habitat. They can also view plaster casts of bones and footprints.

The museum is free. However, donations are welcome. Visitors can also buy a membership for $25 a year. They can also check out books and artifacts at the museum.

Mike Rugg, a Stanford graduate, operates the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. He has been collecting information on Bigfoot since the early '50s. His collection includes books, images, and miscellaneous memorabilia. He began his collection with a scrapbook of clipped articles.

After spending time with his parents in central California, Rugg became more involved with Bigfoot research. He eventually became a dedicated researcher and historian. He studied Bigfoot at Stanford University in 1967.

The museum's collection includes plaster casts of Bigfoot footprints and bones. It also features a large map of Bigfoot sightings. The museum is open Mon-Sun. It's located next to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

Mike Rugg has been collecting Bigfoot evidence since the early '50s. He was five years old when he first saw a cryptid. After the '50s, Rugg moved to Felton, California.