9 Must-Try Restaurants in Alaska

ALASKA - Alaska's vast landscapes aren't the only thing that will take your breath away.  Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure at these unforgettable eateries, where local flavors and creative chefs deliver dining experiences you won't soon forget.

9 Must-Try Restaurants in Alaska
9 Must-Try Restaurants in Alaska

Feast Your Eyes & Tastebuds: Discover 9 Unforgettable Alaskan Restaurants

Jen's Restaurant (Anchorage)

Embark on a global culinary journey with Alaskan flair. Fresh-caught halibut and salmon shine alongside Danish specialties you won't find elsewhere. Reservations are a must in this intimate setting.

229 Parks Restaurant & Tavern (Denali National Park)

Chef Laura Cole elevates Alaskan cuisine with seasonal menus showcasing the region's bounty. Think beyond the expected – this is where art classes and farm-to-table feasts collide.

Crow's Nest (Anchorage)

Pair breathtaking views from atop the Hotel Captain Cook with exquisite French-inspired dishes. Bering Sea King Crab shines, matched by a legendary wine cellar. Alaska fine dining at its best.

Bear Tooth Theatre Pub (Anchorage)

A beloved local haunt where homemade pizza and craft brews pair perfectly with second-run films. The lively bar and cozy seating make it ideal for game nights or casual eats.

Moose's Tooth (Anchorage)

This iconic pizzeria is a pilgrimage for serious pizza lovers. Adventurous toppings, local root beer on tap, and generous portions make it worth the wait.

Denali Doghouse (Denali Park)

After conquering those hiking trails, refuel fast with the best hot dogs and burgers around. Expect a crowd – this spot fuels locals and tourists alike!

Jack Sprat Restaurant & Grill (Girdwood)

Where diverse tastes find common ground! Whether you crave a juicy steak or crave plant-based eats, their world-class cuisine delivers for everyone at the table.

Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge (Fairbanks)

Savor refined dining amidst the "Golden Heart of Alaska." Riverside views, proximity to the Northern Lights, and easy airport access create a well-rounded experience.

49th State Brewing (Anchorage)

Hearty pub grub and award-winning brews are best enjoyed on the rooftop patio, where the Alaska Range provides the backdrop.

Important Note: Always check for seasonal hours and reservation requirements, especially in smaller towns.