Atlas Statue in Anchorage Alaska

Atlas Statue in Anchorage AlaskaALASKA - During the early 1900s, an Atlas statue was erected outside a fur shop in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. The statue was designed to promote the fur factory. The statue was mounted on a new granite-like base. It was painted and power washed.

Atlas Statue in Anchorage Alaska


Atlas Statue at The Fur Factory in Anchorage Alaska

The Atlas statue is a custom design. It was cast in a new rubber mold. It has been outfitted with fur accessories. During its 42 years in the downtown fur shop, it has been worn by furs, Christmas ornaments, and giant mukluk. The statue has also been power washed and repainted.

During the winter months, the park attracts ice fishers and cross country skiers. In the summer, runners, disc golf enthusiasts, and other visitors to the park can enjoy the scenery.

The park is also home to the Alaska Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary has over 200 acres and is home to native Alaskan animals. It also accepts sick, injured, or orphaned animals. Several hiking trails are located nearby.

The museum also offers educational programs and exhibits. They tell the story of the native people, the settlers, and the harsh environment. The museum has over 900 artifacts.

The museum also features a variety of aircraft, including a replica of a World War II B-17 Flying Fortress. The museum also features exhibits about flight and Alaskan aviation history. It also has a Hall of Fame, honoring Alaskan pilots.

The museum also has an Imaginarium Discovery Center. The center is designed for young people and is full of hands-on exhibits that tie into the context of Alaska. It is also staffed by National Park Rangers who can help you learn more about Alaska.